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  1. Engine Bogging

    Optimized the battery connections this past weekend and have not experienced the issue since. I ran the boat only a few times so I don't want to jump to a conclusion since the issue was intermittant to begin with. Seems almost too easy.
  2. Wood construction

    I have a 1998 Ski Centurion and it is composite. The original brochure illustrates the feature was introduced in 1997 on Elite models - called UCS or Unified Composite System.
  3. Engine Bogging

    Great advice. I'll check it out later this week and post the results.
  4. Engine Bogging

    That is on my to-do list but I don't think it is the root cause - the problem has got worse as my engine won't turn over at all.
  5. Engine Bogging

    Thanks for your note. No, it rotates fine.
  6. Hello, I just bought a 1998 Ski Centurion with a Mercruiser 350 mag mpi. I love this boat but have an issue in which the boat runs well but once it sits after a use (for an hour or two) and I start it again, it boggs bad and eventually the engine stalls out. So far, the symtoms seem to go away the following day. Oil pressure, engine temp are normal throughout use. Fuel filter, oil, oil filter, tranny fluid, spark plugs, serpentine belt were changed recently. Added Sea Foam to fuel. Boat is raised on a hoist between engine starts. The performance is similiar to what is shown in this video (about a 60-70 seconds into the video). My boat is not the one in this video. I would appreciate any feedback!

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