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  1. Those should be the the oem plugs for that motor. The 41-933 replaced the 41-932 as the oem plug. There was a service bulletin that was out a while back about the change.
  2. I was talking with PP about running a stargazer on rivers to compensate for currents. I was told if you have the both the GPS and paddle wheel pugged in to the module you can unplug the GPS and Stargazer will read the paddle wheel speed and give you the speed over water.
  3. I think power for the gauges comes from the main wire bundle from the engine. If all your other gauges are working, then there should be power to the pilot gauge. I think they are all daisy chained together. Could be a corroded connector or splice.
  4. I think it's powered by the purple wire like the rest of the gauges.
  5. I found a rebate on AC Delco plugs. Picked up Pro Platinum 41-933 for $1.50 off each. Works for shop installed plugs too. You can find it on Amazon.com and its good till the end of the year.

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