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  1. Thanks!! Went out today..stopped the boat, heard the pump... opened the hatch and gave it a little taparooo...of she went!
  2. Thank you for your response!I would love More detail...I removed the engine /storage divider panel... Now what?
  3. Ok I am going to figure it out... Should I take photos and document the repair procedure for future crew members? Maybe we can start a how to section... I hate paying the repair bills!! So I am becoming a DIYer..
  4. Ok so I checked it out today .. looks like I need to remove the side panel and the rear exhaust chamber to access it is this right? Has anyone ever replaced their bilge pump themselves? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Is it a hard fix? Any Pointers?
  6. My bilge is not turning on in my 2003 Avy... Any Idea where it is located? I checked the fuse and it is fine...
  7. I am having the same thing.... Ever figure it out?

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