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  1. 2014 fx44

    It’s what I have currently. Not sure if I’m too late, but also happy to discuss.... 3177970541 jeremy
  2. Hey crew! I'm sure everyone has been there, but I think it's time to sell. I've owned 4 Centurion boats over the last 8 years, but the truth of the matter is I don't use it anymore! All my buddies are doing foolish things like getting married and having babies 😂. But I've been on the darn thing 4 days this year. 4. Soooo if you know anyone let me know. Maybe I will downgrade to a smaller older one so I don't go into shock. Haha https://www.onlyinboards.com/2014-Centurion-FX44-for-sale-Cicero-Indiana-86259.aspx
  3. So I'm getting ready to do this.... you just do it on the outside? Once or twice?
  4. I would like a centurion boats license plate for the front of my truck. I thought about trying to find a Michigan state license plate with the Trojan. Anyone else thought about this?
  5. 244 cover

    Still have this if anyone is interested. Cleaning out the garage. 👍
  6. 244 cover

    I had it on a 12. But I assume it would fit all year 244?
  7. 244 cover

    Gladiator Tower. Feel free to text me. 317-797-0541
  8. Hey crew, i have a cover for a 244, that goes clear over the tower. I sold the boat for an fx. Still have the cover. Offers accepted and I can ship it to ya! I'm sure it was expensive. Let me know who could use it!
  9. Oh that is a huge help everyone! So any other insight on "cleaning/preparing" it?
  10. Hey guys. Have a 14 fx44. The cover is basically useless. It has zero waterproofing. I swear it's just a screen. Is there anything I could do to it to help? thanks
  11. Crew, i have a friend that has relocated from Indiana to Texas. Currently he is on lake Travis, but considering moving up to granbury. Any opinions on that lake? Water depth, ease of use, etc? Thanks!
  12. What a great thread! Good question. 2006 19' Starcraft (5.7 in it, we called it pocket rocket) 2004 C4 cyclone 2008 Avalanche 2012 244 2014 FX44 *lot of swapping over 7 years. Done for a hot minute...........
  13. Red rev8s http://m.ebay.com/itm/Wet-Sounds-Rev8-Red-Boat-Speakers-8-5X13-/361638041296?nav=SEARCH I have another identical pair I haven't posted yet. Syn 2 http://m.ebay.com/itm/Wet-Sounds-Syn2-Amplifier-/371677595409?nav=SEARCH
  14. That looks awesome! I love the retro look.

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