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  1. I owned a 2015 FS33 until last year that we bought brand new and I only had a valve stick on me 1x (400+hrs). My screen went out the very first year I had it, it was covered under warranty and I didn't have any other issues. I LOVED this boat.
  2. We have only been out this last week as well on our new Ri245, but our goofy side is rocking! Rams Full, Goofy side rear bag - Full, Port side rear bag - 90% Center & Front P&P @50% Cat -2 Stinger 20 Speed 10.9-11.1 NO LEAD and anywhere from 4-6 adults so far..... These boats are awesome! I hope you find something that works. (I've attached ALL of the recommendations I've found online....we haven't tried all of them yet.)

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