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  1. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. We’re going to contact Fineline to let them know about our experience. It adds to the frustration that the dealer isn’t very good about keeping us up to date on the status of repairs, which doesn’t make it easy to plan time off work to get the boat back. We’re optimistic they can get it sorted out so we can enjoy it for the last few weekends of the season, but don’t want to get our hopes up too much.
  2. Hey Everyone, My main question is what level of problems would make you think a replacement boat is in order? To give some background, we have a 2006 Enzo SV 230 and decided over the winter that it was time to upgrade to something new. We decided on a 2019 Fi23 and ordered a factory build on April 19th, 2019. Fast forward to June 6th, when the boat is finally ready for delivery. The dealer takes us for a test drive to show us the features of the boat. I am driving and feel a lag between throttle input and the boat moving. I start and stop 2 more times, with the lag getting worse each time. I tell the dealer that somethings wrong and that they need to drive it. By now, no matter how much input, the boat barely moves and eventually won't move at all. It turns out that the transmission failed, so we got towed back to the ramp, they loaded it up and took it back to the shop. PCM sends them a new transmission, but it's the wrong one for the engine we got (450 HO), so we had to wait for another one to be sent. It is finally ready to be re-delivered on June 28th, 2019. Delivery goes well, but later that day we experienced issues with the Port Ram Fill not emptying and one of the rear ballast bags becoming disconnected and dumping water in the hull. These were both relatively easy fixes once I found the problem. The pain was that the dealer would not answer the phone, or call/text back. The Centurion factory was helpful in describing how to manually dump the Ram Fill. Since then, we had issues with the gas gauge not reading properly, which a software update fixed. We have also had an issue with the low oil light coming on when slowing down from cruising speeds, which puts the boat into limp mode (despite the oil being at the appropriate level), as well as a weekend where the boat would not start - due to a loose ignition switch. The dealer tried to charge us a service fee and a trip fee to send techs to come fix these issues, which we thought was not the right thing to do. As of last week, the fuel pump is having issues and left us stranded out on the water on August 19th, which would have been a $200+ tow bill had we not had a SeaTow membership. The dealer has taken the boat back to the shop again for troubleshooting the fuel pump and oil light issues, but does not have a time-frame for repairs. At this point, we don't have much confidence in the boat operating consistently as it has been out of service for 1 of the 3 months we've had it so far. Do you think it's appropriate to ask for a new boat? The dealer has not offered us anything for the time we've been without the boat, or the time we've spent fixing problems/stranded on the water. Not that we expect money, but an extended warranty or some form of compensation would be nice. I trailered our old boat back to the lake to have something to use in the meantime, but boy do I miss that wave.
  3. We were supposed to take delivery of our new Fi23 this past Friday. During the trip out with the dealer to show us features, I felt the transmission start slipping/lagging when engaging the throttle and had the dealer take over driving. The dealer got the transmission to engage one more time briefly. After that, we were dead in the water. Granted, this is more of an issue with PCM than with Centurion, but it was still rather frustrating. At least it happened with the dealer there and able to witness it and tow it back. PCM is supposed to overnight a whole new transmission, as the dealer couldn't find an issue with any of the electronics and it wasn't throwing a code. Hopefully second time's a charm!
  4. Hey everyone, My family currently has a 2005 Enzo SV230, but we just placed an order for a '19 Fi23 this past weekend! After doing some reading around here, we decided to skip the downfire system and add some Wetsounds speakers. We are only going with a pair of speakers and will be using clamp mounts to get them out of the walking path (me and many of my family members are 6'3" +). Our dealer is suggesting that a pair of Rev 8's would be plenty, but I'm leaning towards a pair of Rev 10's. We normally have audio running when we're surfing or cruising, but not for tubing, wakeboarding, etc. mainly because our current setup can't reach back that far without deafening everyone in the boat. Would a pair of Rev 10's be overkill?

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