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  1. We were supposed to take delivery of our new Fi23 this past Friday. During the trip out with the dealer to show us features, I felt the transmission start slipping/lagging when engaging the throttle and had the dealer take over driving. The dealer got the transmission to engage one more time briefly. After that, we were dead in the water. Granted, this is more of an issue with PCM than with Centurion, but it was still rather frustrating. At least it happened with the dealer there and able to witness it and tow it back. PCM is supposed to overnight a whole new transmission, as the dealer couldn't find an issue with any of the electronics and it wasn't throwing a code. Hopefully second time's a charm!
  2. Hey everyone, My family currently has a 2005 Enzo SV230, but we just placed an order for a '19 Fi23 this past weekend! After doing some reading around here, we decided to skip the downfire system and add some Wetsounds speakers. We are only going with a pair of speakers and will be using clamp mounts to get them out of the walking path (me and many of my family members are 6'3" +). Our dealer is suggesting that a pair of Rev 8's would be plenty, but I'm leaning towards a pair of Rev 10's. We normally have audio running when we're surfing or cruising, but not for tubing, wakeboarding, etc. mainly because our current setup can't reach back that far without deafening everyone in the boat. Would a pair of Rev 10's be overkill?

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