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    Updated the tow rig! 2017 F250 diesel. I'm a duramax guy but very pleased with this first ever Ford so far.
  2. ditchgigger99 did u or anyone else find out what this code means
  3. I have the same code on an 2016 Ri237 1386 15 and 1385 0. Dealer said he need to scan it. Was not on his list
  4. Ri237 demo

    so whats a 257 with all option boxes checked with H6 Motor? I ordered my 237 with all options(including closed loop cooling, heater output is killer with this option) and tricked out boatmate trailer and it was a 129800 with NC tax. I was qouted 147k for optioned out 257 with a triple axle trailer; add the H7 motor and price jumps 10k.
  5. Ri237 demo

    I have the H6 motor. The triple axle trailer is for looks only. I regularly pull 18000 lbs on a tandem trailer and the 257 weighs no where close to that.
  6. Ri237 demo

    I just received the software update yesterday to cold to test it right now. I always found a work around anyway. I would demo both boats before a purchase. The 257 was not out when I ordered the 237. IMO the 257 should be a longer wave but how much over a 237? Is it worth the extra 15k? Don't know? I will demo one when the local dealer has one in stock.
  7. Tow it with what you have.. umbrella insurance or drop the coin on a 2500 or 250... Insurance is better option
  8. Centurion's Line for 2017

    Fineline currently only has one 257 mold hence the limited production.
  9. Centurion's Line for 2017

    I agree. I want one just not willing to loose 25k trading the 237 I purchased this year. Maybe push it out 2 or 3 years
  10. Centurion's Line for 2017

    Just recived a qoute for a 257 with 550 motor. Around 157k on East coast. Damn these toys are getting expensive! Pulling it with a denali 2500 or f250 is over a quarter mil travelling! WTH
  11. I think the Ri series and amount of ballast this boat will hold people slam the boat with max ballast, dont fine tune the wave and are disappointed. Just because it will hold 5100+ lbs of ballast doesnt mean it needs that amount to produce a great wave. I have found not slamming the boat will produce a very surfable and even better surf wave. With all the new tools available on the Ri, weight is no longer the only factor in producing a great surf wave. Play with a new product.
  12. Centurion's Line for 2017

    Damn I wonder if the floor cooler is offered as an after purchase option???? Been waiting for this! (I would hate to trade just to get the cooler option...lol
  13. Ri237 setup?

    do a search on all forums for " Ri237 Surf Setup" , there has been some post on it. I find using more than 60 on QS causing wash in the wave. I run 100% bow weight and some pop up front. For port I run ram 100, pnp,100, no center weight, counter ram 80% pnp 40% use cats to shape the wave, start at 10 and go from there. Center tab is 50-60 depending on peep in the boat and same with cats.(I run 10-30) I surf at 11.9-12.1. I fractured my heel 10 weeks ago and havent been on the board since so that where i stopped. More weigh up front lengthens the wave and limit the amount of people standing on the back or dump some pnp if thats the case. Boat has plenty of rear weigh and needs bow.
  14. Centurion's Line for 2017

    . According to the fineline the boat was never meant to run full ballast with the max crew. I agree it could benefit from a larger prop but dont think the pitch could go up much. someone on here was experimenting with that. A 15 or 15.5 would fit and maybe try a 13 or 14 pitch. I dont mind 4200 RPM because its just over max cruise RPM but i would not run it at 5100 for long. Check out some of the writeups over on Boardco. Those guys were able to get a fully ballasted Ri237 to wake board speed with an H6 motor in UT. Not sure what prop they were running but it had to be a lower pitch than factory.
  15. Centurion's Line for 2017

    I really dont understand what the complaint is with this. With full ballast and a few crew the weight of the boat is doubled. My duramax doesn't get the same fuel burn empty when loaded and if it didnt have an 6 speed tranny I expect the rpm's would be higher empty verses full. The 237 will produce a excellent wave without full ballast. Drop some weight if the rpm's are a concern, lean the boat and don't use quick surf. Rpm's will go down

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