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  1. Cultas this weekend

    what about pitt river
  2. Thoughts on 'Switchblade'

    before i had my enzo i had an elite and owned the blade, we decided not to put it on the elite because the transom wasnt big enough, or so we thought. we had actually posted about it on the forum and i think a few people may have tried it. but from the diagram that switchblade sends we didnt think there was enough distance on the transom.
  3. Thoughts on 'Switchblade'

    no one in our crew rides goofy, so we don't have to worry about that. but we did add a larger fixed plate when we added the switchblade, before we did, we were getting alot of spray on the port side. I would think that adding a asymmetrical plate if you are planning on riding goofy would be a good idea.
  4. Thoughts on 'Switchblade'

    My brother in law and I have one on our 2008 sv240 and its great. ours is manually set, 7 different positions you can choose. You can actually surf without any weight and the switchblade engaged, but it is still way better with the weight added. we have a custom enzo sac and bow weight. on the #1 position what i believe to be "neutral" it is not engaged and the boat can plane like normal. for travel, we usually just tie it off instead of removing it.


    looks to be originally from Ontario from the tags on the boat, and its not in van either its in Kelowna. looks to me like someone doesn't know the value of the their boat. if it is the real deal, it would be a steal for someone in the states looking for a good boat. that's around 32k u.s before haggling..

    http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/boa/4967234618.html that price is in canadian
  8. I agree with Canadablack, import from Canada, the US dollar is so strong right now your looking at a huge savings check out this one http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/boa/4967234618.html
  9. Coming soon... order, ALMOST up

    Dark why not buy that 07 enzo with the 8.1 I saw you guys talking about on craigslist for now. if you can get it for a deal it may be the best investment vs surfing ability for the mean time? or am i way behind and its long gone sold?
  10. Here we go

    pretty sure that's the case, we have had an amazing extended summer here in B.C and where he boats (osoyoos) has even been nicer and im pretty sure will continue to be. I would love to hear about how it has been with the blade, and see some pics though!
  11. The big boy is sweet!

    Big cat, i think you are right, time to gear down on the beer drinking!
  12. The big boy is sweet!

    so i just went out and bought a IS big boy flyboy, and so far it hasnt been that great for me. now im far from giving up on it but have been opting to use my existing skim board, the P5 trident which i really like. i wanted to get a better surf style board and heard lots of good things about the big boy. im about 6'1 240, and the wave is not an issue, we have an 08 enzo sv240 with switchblade and custom enzo sac. i have been finding i dont have nearly as much push with the big boy that i do with my trident. hopefully i will learn to love it, any suggestions or input would be appreciated
  13. thanks for the info, our tab is hydraulic and because we positioned our mounting bracket right above the plug ( where switchblade tells you too ), the tabs would have to be drilled through but they would also hit where the rams would be attached ( if we decided to upgrade) so i think for the mean time we are just going to use a solid plate Iroc, when are you going to be back in the lower mainland? would you happen to have a pic of what your plate looks like even? we can just go to metal supermarkets and have one cut i believe.
  14. Yes its installed, everything went really well actually. Because of where Switchblade says to install the mounting bracket, we were not able to save the bennett trim tab, for now. The link i originally posted shows the mounting a lot higher than what Switchblade recommends, not sure how much this affects the wave. ours is installed just above the drain. how did yours used to look? I think were just going to install a flat plate underneath, will see how it does in the water before we bother doing it the one thing i am quickly realizing is that buying the manual adjustment mounting kit is going to be a bit annoying to adjust. any advice on which level to keep it on? it looks like there are 7 different positions. Our mounting bracket does have the option of being upgraded with rams and the wiring, may look into that more once we try it out a bit. I'm hoping to have my blade back by today or tomorrow then we will be out playing in the pitt! Heading to Whatcom (outside Bellingham) on Thursday for the weekend, will be trying to get as much time in as possible.

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