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  1. Nick, So your guy made an A plate and gave you a Lenco tab for $110 shipped?
  2. We were out on the water over the weekend and mom was skiing, going about 25mph throttle about 90 degrees down...Went to pull back up and it wouldn't budge? It would go faster if needed but not slower. Didn't have a choice at the time but to turn the key off and get towed in The boat is an 03 Elite V any thoughts what to check are appreciated!!
  3. Avy big wake

  4. CREW DEAL: 2014 DECKadence Marine Flooring

    Anyone know if they will be shipped in time for Christmas?
  5. okay do all boats come standard with this from the factory or does it need to be added? sorry I'm not the most mechanically inclined. we have an 03 elite v. I didn't see anything like that when I was peeping around
  6. Not sure what the BUSS ground looks like. Can you describe it?
  7. Okay we attempted to wire ours as troys diagram shows and something has gone wrong. Whenever we put the battery switch to 1,2. Or all the fuel pump starts working as well as the perfect pass and the little red safety light on the dash..... and the key is not even in the ignition. Somehow we have taken the key out of the loop. Any ideas?
  8. Here is a pic of our boat (last winter) with the cover on. Sounds like it's going to depend on which tower you have, if yours matches ours then you should be good to go!!
  9. I'm not sure if they are or not, but we had one made for our 03 Elite V, not sure if there is a difference btw 03 and 04. Awesome cover though, best investment we have mad for our boat.
  10. Wakeboarding video for critique

    Clean backroll! Got any updated videos?
  11. Wakeboarding video for critique

    Nice!! Like what was mentioned before.. 1. Palms Down 2. Keep the handle down by your waist. This will keep you balanced and help you recover. 3. Keep riding switch! 4. Don't be afraid to jump toeside, even if you take a few more falls. 5. This is more a personal thing but I think others will agree, when the boat is turning around I like to ride on my heels around the turn. I know I've face planted a couple times riding on my toes and catching a wave or my board turning out from under me. If you do continue to ride on your toes just make sure your edging outward and you shouldn't have this problem. Keep it up and keep us posted on the progress!
  12. Help me join the crew!

  13. I'm going to try and come up to watch for a bit. Really bummed I missed this last year, heard it was a good time!! Weather looks good as well

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