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  1. March Video - Picture Thread!

    The Phase that 5 boards keep getting better every year. He & his brother are team riders for P5.
  2. One of twins got out with me Sunday for his first set of the season!
  3. FS vs SV

    If you look where the ram fill vents are on an SV vs an FS will show you a distinct advantage of capacity. Also, if you lift the seat of a 244 vs that of an 44, there is a lot less room under the seat of the 44 What I meant was the two 23 ft models SV233 & FS33 have the same size cockpit as the FS44 & SV244 share the same cockpit size.
  4. FS vs SV

    The rear "cabin" areas of the boat are the same size from 23 -24 FS hulls have a higher freeboard than that of the SV The amount of Ramfill Ballast is significantly more in the FS line As you mentioned the bows are different They have completely different wave shapes however.
  5. January Picture & Video Thread

    yes, pond one, 70 degree water temp not happening on the cold side!
  6. https://youtu.be/-0_nVxsuXTE Amazing day in Virginia today!
  7. I think that is a great price for that boat!! Colors are awesome. (flake is $$) 2016 was that last & best year for the SV Hull's. Better vinyl too. Good price considering what a new boat cost, & this will throw an amazing wave!!!
  8. November Picture thread

    A warm day earlier this week on the Warm Side of our Lake!
  9. PNP Surf Ballast Valve 13' SV233

    No problem! (The plug for the bow bag should will be tied up in the rear of the boat somewhere) Just from having a 2012 with this installed and then having newer models with dedicated switches it is a no brainer. I went on my friends 2012 earlier this summer and when we switched sides I was reminded of of long this process takes. I told him this winter I am drilling a new hole in his boat and adding another pump! LOL
  10. PNP Surf Ballast Valve 13' SV233

    I would recommend adding an additional switch and pump vs that of using the the valve. You will be able to switch sides much faster that way. You could empty one while filling the other. With the valve, you must wait until the one side has drained then wait to fill the other, adds twice the time. Also the case if you plan on using a suck gate. Twice the time to fill & empty boat sides. They only used this valve for late 2012 boats & 2013.
  11. October 2017 Pics n video thread

    https://youtu.be/LYOF1FKVIDU Video we made for the Phase 5 Contest <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/LYOF1FKVIDU?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. Got to demo a 257! (video)

    Trim was at 20, had run it to 0 as well, but wave was to short, Surf Tab at 60. I had set the boat up weighted evenly because I was towing a local INT comp. I know with extra weight I could get a better wave out of it for sure. It was great for completely stock and only 3 people in the boat.
  13. Got to demo a 257! (video)

    LOL , I just like what I like, can't help it! I actually love the 16-18 G23 waves more than the Ri, if they have a little weight in them! lol, still not as good as mine, but I like them because of the lip, as do my twins that both compete in the Outlaw division. I am just so glad I had ordered another 244 in 16, just saying! All that said, it was a really great wave, but my biggest take away was how well the boat drives, compared to the 237.
  14. Quicksurf Tuning

    Center tab = the lower the number, the steeper (also shorter) the wave will get Surf Tabs = same principle. 80 is pretty mellow. I have had better luck in the 60 - 65 range when running an evenly weighted boat. This will steepen the wave & create push in the back then use center trim to adjust to taste. CATS = Should be to the right, so + 10 or more
  15. Got to demo a 257! (video)

    I do prefer the wave on my 244, it is longer and has more push in the back. Plus I prefer a wave with a distinct lip. But this wave was definitely taller and was stronger closer to the boat, it took some adjustment to get used too.It was like a combo wave between an FS44 & 244. I have not been a fan of the Ri's at all. But the 257 is a great boat far & above the other two Ri's Waves are difficult to judge on pictures and videos, strategic angles and perspective can make or break them. For just setting the boat up and only 3 people on the boat, I was pretty impressed, I am sure with some additional weight strategically placed it would amazing. Thanks for watching!

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