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  1. 2008 Centurion Falcon V


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    Last week I was preparing my boat with the intent of putting away in winter storage. In the meantime, my son purchased a boat so I don't need mine anymore. With the season rapidly changing, I only want to keep the boat in my driveway for another week. So, if there is any interest in purchasing in the next week, I'm selling the boat for a great price lower than if I wait until next spring. I know enough about pricing to know there isn't another wide v drive in this condition and this good for surfing anywhere near this price. I'm the original owner and it is in great shape.


  2. Thanks for the quick replies! Tomorrow I will take the prop off and take it to prop guy. Would be an easy and relatively cheap fix.
  3. Today I was driving the boat about 22 and I think that I hit a floating log. Now, when I get up to about 10mph it starts to vibrate. Thinking the prop was messed up, I slowly drove back to the boat ramp. Upon further inspection, the prop doesn't appear to be dinged. I'm not sure what to try from here. I know that the prop could still be bad, or worse, that the shaft could be bent. There isn't a Centurion dealer anywhere near and I hate to take it to a general dealer that may not know much more than me. If I had another prop I would try it and see if it made any difference. We do have a really good prop guy here in town that I would trust. Any thoughts about how anybody would approach this problem? Thanks!
  4. 3 more MONTHS!

    Here in Missouri we are hoping to be back on the lake in about to months. Its hard to think that when the lake looks like this...
  5. This would be my first winter storage with my centurion falcon v drive. I've always winterized my direct drives myself and then store in a cave that always stays right at 60. For my peace of mind, I probably wouldn't winterize myself if kept out in the cold. My question is to what extent should I winterize? It seems there isn't a sure answer on whether to have gas full or empty and whether or not to fog. I guess that I'm not concerned about anything freezing but more concerned about any corrision. My plan was to fill with gas, run sta-bil, change the oil/filter and drain the water from engine. Anything else that should be done considering storing in 60 degree conditions all winter. Advice is greatly appreciated!!
  6. gas cap

    I just purchased a 2008 falcon v and this might be the most basic question ever posted but how do you remove the gas cap? We can't remove either cap with our hands and don't have the double progned tool that it appears to take to remove the cap. I'm out of gas and wondeering if there is another way to remove the cap?

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