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  1. 2016 SV244 pricing

    Like the green. Loved the blue of the Chattanooga one more actually! But the green is growing on me
  2. 2016 SV244 pricing

    I too have a '16 SV244 with the 343. I don't care about top end, so haven't even gone over 25-28mph with it. It surfs great, even fully loaded with ballast. We have a small crew though (usually no more than 5 or 6 adults) so I can't speak to performance with a large crew. We live in TN so altitude isn't a problem. In fact, I considered buying the boat you are looking at before we got ours. I passed though because 1) the dealer wasn't budging off his 89k price at the time 2) another brand new '16 SV244 was for sale closer to me near Nashville and I snatched that one up because it was the same price but had nearly every available option for that model year. In my opinion, 83k is a great price for that boat. Double check what prop is on it and adjust if necessary and then buy it.
  3. Batteries

    Sounds like to be on the safe side that I might want to consider 2 new batteries? Cranking and deep cycle? And just get it over with? FWIW that Battery Tender is a smart charger and doesn't over charge. It switches to maintenance mode when the battery is fully charged.
  4. Batteries

    Battery Tender trickle charge. And yeah, very odd. But should I replace it with another cranking battery or move the #2 battery to that position and then put in a deep cycle as the house battery?
  5. Batteries

    Battery 1 (the one that doesn't hold a charge now) was the main cranking battery. Battery 2 (also a starting battery) was being used as a house battery. The switch is off/1/both. I am pretty green with electrical so not sure what the VSR is? I trailer my boat is it goes in the garage after every use and I frequently (though not always) remember to put it on a trickle charge afterward.
  6. Batteries

    Sorry for hijacking, but this is kind of along the same lines... those with a dual battery setup, do you have a starting battery and a deep cycle, or two starting batteries, or two dual purpose? My ss230 came with two starting batteries and number one is already worn out in less than 2 years. Wondering if I should switch to a deep cycle to run everything else and moving the other starting battery to be primarily used for starting now. Any thoughts?
  7. Crew Hats

    Count me in. Depending on what they looked like, I would likely order 1 or 2.
  8. CREW DEAL: 2015 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    Got mine today! Definitely worth the wait! Looks really sharp and I love that it matches my black and white on the boat! Thanks admin for getting this deal together!
  9. Lake Water Temp

    62 - 64 here at our small reservoirs in Western Colorado. No wetsuit needed... just jump on in!
  10. 2002 hurricane surf video

    Wave is looking pretty good for a Hurricane. I don't think I ever got mine any bigger than that.
  11. Darren Shapiro

    Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcdHt36DRxk
  12. Gotta love the flames! My first boat - an 02 Hurricane - had flames on the rear lockers and in the bow! lol
  13. Congrats on the new boat! Love that color combo! Very sharp.
  14. 2003 elite v tanks

    I have a mid ballast hard tank left from my old 07 Enzo that I would be willing to sell - I think it is 250lbs or so full. Don't know if it would fit what you are looking for or not. I could do outside measurements of it when I get home tonight if you think this would be helpful. I might even be able to get ahold of the other tank that was on that boat. I accidently left it at the dealer when I had some ballast swapped out and forgot to ever go back and get it. But it wouldn't surprise me if they still had it! Let me know.
  15. New Pickup Recommendations

    I know you guys have mostly been talking about diesels, but I pull my Enzo ss230 with a '10 Nissan Titan and it does great. The gas mileage isn't great - but that seems to be a common theme on this thread. I live at 4600ft and frequently pull to lakes at 6500ft - 8000ft and I have no trouble at all with the Titan. When towing I get 9-11 mpg and without towing I get 12 - 14 mpg around town and 15 - 17 mpg on the highway.

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