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  1. I would have if i knew that or that they rebuilt them. Unfortunately they went out with the trash and now im in a bind.
  2. Anyone have an old set around or Gen1 Switchblade rams around??
  3. Ya I would have just sent them in for rebuild, but I tossed them in the garbage already not knowing they were rebuildable and also now obsolete. So now I need to try find a set hanging around or someones old set to use or send to get rebuilt. I contacted Lenco and they were of no real help when I told them what i needed. Switchblade says they were a custom build for them and not an off the shelf model as the Gen 1 Switchblade rams are only 7/8" of stroke to move the blade accordingly. I think an 1-1/4" stroke will push the blade too far negative when wanting a neutral position for normal driving. Im pretty disappointed and frustrated with them as they dont offer replacement parts for a $4000 system that they sold and that is barely over 10 years old....
  4. My lenco rams failed on my switchblade. Its on my 2007 Enzo. I had to replace the pair 5 years ago and now failed again. I contacted Switchblade and they said its a custom part Lenco makes for them, but Lenco does not manufacture anymore rams for the gen 1 style which has a 7/8" stroke. Nice customer support for a $3500 system, you would think they would source elsewhere to continue customer support for their expensive products. Does anyone have a set of these rams kicking around maybe from removing the whole switchblade system, or know where to try get some new ones from? Thanks, J
  5. Removing Side Swipe

    What size do I need to order? 4" x 5.5" I have an 07 Enzo Sv230
  6. Ok, so I tried to contact Patty and also another general email. They tell me that they dont carry therm or have them anymore. Anyone know of a retailer where i can order from??
  7. Thanks, I sent her an email, will these new style brackets mount right up or do you have to drill new holes etc?
  8. I know this has been covered before and im sure ive read what I was looking for but cant find it now. I am looking to upgrade the swim platform brackets to the new style stainless ones. I have a 2007 Enzo SV 230. What is the part# I need fellas? and is there any modifications needed or just remove old and replace with new? Thanks a bunch
  9. Do we at Centurion Crew still have a promo deal in effect with Deckadence does anyone know? I knew a few years back there was a thread where could request promo quotes or something. And who do we get in touch with on here for promo pricing if its still in effect?
  10. Good point, makes total sense.
  11. Ok, with the Enzo its the main area, bow strip and also the cooler lid. I do like the idea of still bieng able to remove the floor and pressure wash off if need be vs a permanant floor like gatorstep. But the gatorstep looks and feels pretty sweet. Toss up
  12. Roughly what does a 3 piece carpet set cost for the Enzos? If you happen to know
  13. Ok, good to know I will have to check it out. Wonder how it will cost compare to getting Deckadence.
  14. Hey guys, not sure if this topic has been covered. But I was looking at the deckadence floor as a replacement to the original snap in, but am curious if anyone has got ahold of and installed any of that gator step flooring instead of carpet on older boats? I have an 07 Enzo SV230

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