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  1. ballast

    When filling the startboard mid ballast throught the factory switch it now fills the port side bag not the star board bag ?? Anyone have any thoughts???
  2. Hey question. I have a 2011 Enzo 240 plus and when I press fill on switch Star board mid ballast bag it now fills the port bag ? Same if I fill port bag switch it will fill the star board bag. Super confused it was working perfectly the day before. Any ideas ?????
  3. yep i have the 409 . I will be checking the belt for sure . I was also talking to a buddy about the extra water that seems to be in the boat . He asked when the last time i greased the prop bearing shaft that is under the engine. That could be the squeal to i guess . Have not grease it in couple years .
  4. No have not checked belt yet , but I will be thanks
  5. wondering if anyone would know what would be causing a high pitch squeal only at about 5mph to 7 mph coming from the engine bay.??
  6. It turns out it was the airmar temp depth shorting if out
  7. Enzo240 provision dash

    Turns out it was the Airmar Depth temp sensor turned faulty
  8. Docking Lights

    What is the model of the led lights for your dock lights
  9. Thanks man. Ya it very odd everything still works and the dash screen still on just the numbers keep disappearing and the Rpm and Mph gauges flat line off. I have pulled and checked every wire took the dash out even. Cleaned the batteries up and boat was perfect the hole day after that till today again. Maybe ProVison dash crashing. ?
  10. Anyone have any trouble with there dash shutting on and off. Plus the water temp of lake shows 105
  11. Enzo240 provision dash

    Thought is was so I re tightened everything. Got good volts 14.1. Try tomorrow again.
  12. Does anyone know why my provision dash keeps cutting in and out when driving ??? but when engine off and key forward it works fine
  13. where could i get a set of those???

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