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  1. rev410

    Right Now I have a 4channel 600w powering them. Want to more power to them, next paycheck hopefully.. They sound so clean
  2. rev410

    just finished the install... Wow wetsounds killed it. they look sick
  3. Untitled Album

  4. tower to boat electrical plug

    Looking for some wiring ideas for tower speakers. I need to take my tower off in the winter, what kind of plug should I use from the boat to tower to disconnect the speaker wire?
  5. rev410

    Thanks for all the input, will send pics when done
  6. rev410

    Okay so my question is what is the sound difference between the two? I'm going for f$?@ that boat is load and sounds good.. I'm ording Monday and just want the best setup
  7. rev410

    Im ordeing them on monday, Early birthday present to myself. Soon as they are installed I will get some video. thanks again
  8. rev410

    yes it is the extreme swoop... thanks truekaotik. Should I go with the 2 rev410 or do 1 rev410 and 2 rev10, Which would sound better?
  9. rev410

    I have a 2004 Escalade with a swoop tower, Does anyone know if two rev410 will fit? they look like they taper back and I have 54in. between my tower at the top.
  10. white noise

    Okay, so I have a wet sounds eq. clarion deck and numerous speakers and subs... This problem is new, so went out last weekend everything is working fine. This weekend turn on my stereo and there is this popping white noise coming out of my speakers if I turn it up it seems to go away but as i turn down the stereo it is there. I don't know why all of a sudden this would happen? does anyone have any ideas? ?
  11. Mounting an EQ

    I just mounted my under the dash like your talking about. I'm going to the lake this weekend and i will take pics on how i mounted it.
  12. sounds like a bad connection, or it also could be the starter is going out.
  13. Best California lakes for camping

    Enzo101, MY wrap is custom it has civilian press art work also my friend "pro tint" who wrapped it did some of his own. I do my morning boarding then straight to las tab for the rest of the day.
  14. Best California lakes for camping

    Nacimiento is my local lake... Like is 100% full water is in the camp grounds. cant wait for some warmer weather.
  15. Best California lakes for camping

    Nacimiento or San Antonio lakes are full and you can have your dogs..

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