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  1. Boats

    Smell the oil, does it smell burnt and what color is it.
  2. what motor Do You Have And What Did Ths Plugs Look Like. X2 What truekaotiK said
  3. Yes My Are Breakers, I Had To Remove My Fuse Panel T See What Size They were.
  4. Both Of Them Are 10 amp
  5. I'll look at it tomorrow again, I didn't see the size on them.
  6. Are you talking about the breaker panel down by your right foot by the driver seat
  7. Is there a warranty on Vinyl?

    Fineline Number 209 384 0255

    Just got back from my 7 hour round trip to santa cruz. My son found a pair of rev 8's with the blue led rings and a syn-4 amp brand new in the boxes for $ 1000.00 dollars!!! Ching Ching
  9. WhaT Size prop Do You Have. The Number Should Be stamped On The Prop By The Prop Washer And Nut.
  10. you might have a high altitude prob and you're hitting the rev limiter
  11. Surf advice

    Twist Whats your locate

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