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  1. Engine oil looks good. Water is coming out exhaust when using the fake a lake when it is overheating (luke warm temp). I pulled off all the hoses no impeller parts or anything like that. There was a small wad of lake grass in the filter at the back of the engine (tansmission cooling junction), it might had bocked up to 25% of the holes - other than that nothing else was found. I pulled off the engine circulating water pump as well, it looks fine to me. I will take it into the shop when I get gaskets tomorrow and ask them to look at it and if they have any other ideas of what I should check before putting everything back together... This one is a bit wierd (unless the root cause is the grass I found)
  2. So I changed the impeller again to be sure - same result (after about 15 min of idiling the temp spikes). I replaced the thermostat (housing was in good shape) - still overheating. I pulled off one riser and mainfold to see if there was corrosion or scalling - it is in great shape (no corrosion). I checked the intake grill and nothing is blocking it. I am in the process of pulling off all my hoses to ensure there is no blockages (half done this and no issues so far). I have read numerous forums and can't come up with other logical reasons...any ideas? note: the overheating occurs in the lake and with the fake a lake on.
  3. Hi Guys, Got my boat out finally today (03 elite). While idiling the temp went up and the alarm went off. I tightened the belt it seemed okay, so I went out. When moving at a decent speed or going fast, the Temp drops right away. When idiling it goes up again. A few notes: - I just changed my impeller before going out. - Initially when I fired up my boat it was squealling loudly (so I removed the belt and manually rotated the impellor pulley - this was difficult to do at first as I think the flanges on the impellor were facing counter clockwise. Once I got the pulley turning it seemed fine, so I put the belt back on and fired it up with no squealing). Likely should have used more lube. I perused the forums but did not see any other issues like this? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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