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  1. First time posting but thought this would be a good time to share our experience with installing 4" slide in silencers on our Side Swipe exhaust. We loved the rumble of the stock exhaust but we also do long days on big lakes and the noise finally got to us. I purchased two of these https://www.hardin-marine.com/p-12622-4-slip-in-silencer.aspx wrestled with the install for a about 40 min each and they have taken the edge off the rumble and we can now talk and hear the radio when cruising at 30mph (neither was possible with the stock exhaust). So the trick I used after reading how difficult it was to get the pipe section out was to pry up the end of the rubber 4" pipe and shoot WD40 in between the pipe and the metal outflow pipe. Once it was all lubed up it was easy to slide it off - note: it comes off easier because it will bend a bit but the install with the silencers in was a little more difficult because it would not bend any more. We are super happy with the difference. The boat still rumbles but we no longer feel like we are ruining everyone's day with our loud boat.

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