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  1. Hey, Turns out it's a known problem by supreme. Needed to tighten a loose steering column.
  2. right! sucks. maybe its because I didn't inaugurate it with champagne! Happens at any speed. And its crazy bad once I fill the bags and try to surf!
  3. Hey all, Just received my brand new supreme ZS232 [2023], and only drove it for a few hours before the steering went crazy on me. Basically when i turn the to right, then want to go left the boat refuses to go left. When I turn the steering wheel towards the left it feels stiff and just wont turn the rudder. So i stop the boat, put it into neutral, then turn the wheel full right, hold it a few seconds, then turn it full left, and you can feel it un-stiffen, and then steering goes full left. Thing is... this happens constantly- I'll put the boat back into gear head straight, turn to the right and BAM, cant turn left anymore! Again i'll have to stop, turn the wheel left then full right then full left again, wait for the wheel to loosen up, and it'll work for a bit. Just recently this started also happening the other way around- meaning i can turn left but not right. Driving me nuts! I have a guy coming to look at it on Friday, but I figured I'd hit you guys up as well! Anyone else experience this issue?

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