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  1. Is there any manuals one can buy, or find online for this boat? The owners manual just says to refer to this or that, along with general information about boating…. Looking for something more if it exists…. Thank you.
  2. Soooo we have the option of a 2019RI237 or a 2021 FI230… Thoughts on one over the other from those who can help? Both boats are equipped well… Here are the links https://www.absolutwatersports.com/Pre-owned-Inventory-2019-Centurion-Boat-Ri237-13065006?ref=list
  3. Hi Troy, Thank you for the information… I tried to verify online, but to be sure…. I thought the hull design change was in 2018, then again in 2023? If I am wrong…. Is there a link you have, or more information on the change? Just curious if the change to 2022 is worth pursuing vrs the 2021….
  4. So we are in the market for a new/newer boat. Currently have a 2008 moomba XLV (original owners). Love to surf. I also ski but will sacrifice it for surfing if these boats are truly worth it. I can demo each one before buying… but figured I’d reach out to owners who know. Most boats will need additional ballast/lead if u go with just one family of 4-5. Obviously more people in boat helps the wave but we are told like so many… these boats stock crest huge waves without adding weight. I have to believe it based on ballast numbers but…. Based on personal experience can anyone provide input on either boat and if they had a choice which one to go with? New supreme is about 15k more than the slightly older centurion. (Note… the 21FI only has 18 hours) so basically either option are new boats. any thoughts on these boats is greatly appreciated.

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