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  1. Ri245 Questions

    Hein, is it possible to upgrade a 2021 with the ramfill 2.0? Thank you for your reply.
  2. Hello all, This is my first post here and am looking to join the Centurion family. We currently have a Crownline e255 Surf. Long story short, my wife and I are looking to move up to a Ri245. I've got a few questions to ask regarding the configuration. We are in the DFW area in Texas. The altitude is around 600'. 1. What engine would you recommend? The L96/6.0 or the ZZ6/6.2? While I do appreciate fuel economy, I don't want to have a boat that isn't up to the task. 2. Is the Acme 2907 prop necessary? 3. Are there any differences between the 2021-2023 models? 4. Any recommendations or things to watch out for? Thanks in advance for any info. Looking forward to making the switch!

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