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  1. Good evening all. my name is Matt and this is our 23 supreme s220. I’ve attached some pictures here as well if the boat, she’s beautiful! I’m not new to boats but I’m no expert either, we are coming from a 99 crownline 192br and the difference on the amount of room and storage we have is insane! My wife and I have 2 kids, 6 and 3 both boys and we are itching to get to use this thing. I’ve recently completed a ceramic coating on the boat within the last few days and have been playing around with the settings and audio system. a couple questions I’ve gathered I’m not overly impressed with the champ audio package, it gets loud but lacks quality sound. Im thinking of swapping out the dsp amps for non dsp wetsounds models so I have tuning capability’s and possibly adding a enclosure for the sub or adding a second sub in a stand alone enclosure by the amps. Has anyone messed with their systems slightly to sound better on these s series boats ? also are all boats from factory pre wired for lighting packages ? We didn’t get rgb lighting or transom lighting and I have loose wire connections in places is there a way to adjust the surge breaks on the boat mate trailer ? I’m getting a good slap after taking off from a red light after stopping is there any specific things during the lake test and initial break in I should specify look for or ask our dealer regarding the boat you have possibly ran into ? thank you all for your replies ! Super stoked for lake season

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