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  1. Just signed a contract to purchase a 2016 Centurion SV233 and on the water test this fault code popped up on the screen and then went away. Ramfill worked on both the port and starboard. Purchasing from a non-Centurion dealer so wanted to know if someone else has had this issue pop up? Screen said, "Ram Circuit Fault - A PDM circuit fault has occurred with one or more of the valves - please stop the ballast and investigate." Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hey everyone, Just purchased a 2016 SV233 and have not taken delivery yet. Coming from a Mastercraft X25 so looking forward to a much-improved surf wave. Couple questions on the factory sound system: My SV currently has 4 Roswell 6.5" speakers, a pair in the bow and a pair in the helm. I would like to use 7.7" speakers from Fusion (signature series). Has anyone increased the size from 6.5" to 7.7"? Any issues or concerns besides enlarging the speaker cut out? With the speaker upgrade, I will be installing a 6 channel amp (WS Syn-DX6 or Exile Audio-Javelin) to provide increased power to a 12" sub along with the 7.7s. Has anyone upgraded from the 10" to a 12" sub? Any issues or concerns? Looking like a Kicker 12" Q class be a good fit. Does anyone know the size of the box on the Focal subwoofer? I read somewhere that it is 1 cubic foot. For the tower, I have two Kicker 9" HLCD's with an Exile Audio-XM 15.4 bridged to power them. Kickers sound fantastic if you power them adequately. System will be controlled via a Wetsounds 420BT Equalizer bypassing the factory head unit and remote. Just trying to get some items ordered and ready when the boat arrives in a few weeks.

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