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  1. Engine compartment dividers

    What is u-channel aluminum? You mean a sheet of aluminum glued to the plastic? Or are you talking about aluminum u-channels? The u-channels are still there
  2. Not sure if I’m using the proper terminology here. I’m looking for the dividers in the engine compartment that separate the engine section from the side lockers. I just got a boat and they are missing. Not sure why they were removed. There are two aftermarket ballast bags in the ski lockers, and I imagine that it would be good to have that divider to separate the hot engine manifolds from the rubber bags. Anyone know what these are called and where I can get some replacements? I have a 2011 Avalanche. Or should I just make some out of plywood and cover them with fiberglass and epoxy? Pictures for reference My boat: https://ibb.co/vws3jcJ What I’m looking for: https://ibb.co/Q90rRZ5
  3. Hi everyone, I just got a 2011 Avalanche. I’m looking to upgrade the speaker system a bit. Looking to add 4 Rev 10’s (300 wats RMS at 4 ohms) with 2 HTX-6 amps. It currently have 4 Kicker BKM60 speaker (50 RMS at 4 ohms) and, a 12” kicker sub (not sure on the parameters) and a Wetsounds HTX-6 amp. This is all powered by 2 interstate batteries (24M-XHD, 1000 cranking amps, reserve capacity 135). 1. My question is if there’s enough juice in those two batteries, or will I need to add more batteries? 2. If more batteries are needed any idea on how to link them? All tied together in a sting, or have a common connection point? 3. is there any pug-in charging system that someone could recommend for charging all these batteries at the same time. Something that I could build into the boat with a plug on the outside that I could just plug a cable into. 4. Is there a need to upgrade the alternator or is the stock one good enough? here’s some pictures of what I have https://ibb.co/RHCpTMX https://ibb.co/zVb44QN https://ibb.co/w4nSCJK https://ibb.co/bs9JrLz Anyone know how to upload photos here? The limit is like 200kb. My images are like 7mb each
  4. Thanks. I just ended up taking the hose off of where it connects on the bottom of the boat and just put it straight up, then I put the hose inside it and turned it on full. That seemed to work, but even after running for 10 mins, I wasn’t able to get the boat past 140°. Which makes me not sure if the thermostat opened in the engine. After that I ran 5 gallons of marine antifreeze through it, just dumping each bottle directly into the hose. Since I’m not sure if the thermostat opened I just put a small heater in the engine compartment on nights that it gets close to freezing. Another thing that I noticed was that the check engine light came on for a second when I was running it with the hose, and there was light smoke coming from the exhaust most of the time. I’m wondering might have caused this? I suspect that it might have been some air that was getting into the system which might have been messing with the water pump and causing this. But that’s the only thing I could think of. Unless it was some other previous problem
  5. So I recently got a 2012 avalanche. I’m trying to use the engine flush fake-a-lake on it, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The water is not coming out of the exhaust. So I shut it off immediately. I got the plunger from West Marine, and it seems like it was a little small, it doesn’t cover the opening all the way. I positioned the hose to be spraying directly into the intake, but still nothing. The boat was inspected and tested by a professional prior to purchase. So, I don’t think there’a something mechanically wrong. Unless it broke in the last month or so while standing at my house. Is the problem due to the plunger being too small? I’ve also seen some people attach a T to the intake line, but I’m a little confused where it should be attached. Should I attach it right at the point where the water comes into the hull? That line looks like it goes directly into the V drive, then from there to the engine. I’ve read some people attach it before the pump. But I don’t seem to be able to find the pump. Anyways any help would be appreciated. On a separate note, for the 2012 year, is there a standard avalanche model and a C4, and if so, how can you tell which one you have?

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