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  1. 2016 RI237

    Troy, it’s pretty pretty wild what the boats are still going for these days. Not as high as they were in the last year or so, but still inflated for sure. Most of the ones listed on Only Inboards are $100k or more with slightly lower hours. The seller was asking $105k originally when he listed the boat during summer. He’s moving out of state and isn’t taking the boat with him. I was thinking of offering $80k for it and seeing what he says. It seems like the boat has had all the regular service items done every year. I believe it for new batteries and a few new speakers this summer along with the typically service items like impeller and oil.
  2. 2016 RI237

    Yea, true. It all depends on how the boat was cared for as well. I'm trying to keep around $80-85k. It’s the only way the boss will allow for an upgrade from our current boat. Asking price is $85k right with the owner saying he’d take a little off for two rips in the vinyl that need to be repaired. How much lower would you offer considering the hours? Boat has the Downfire system, plug and play system and some trailer upgrades like the 18” wheels and light upgrades.
  3. 2016 RI237

    Thanks for the reply. Yea, the stinger plate isn’t a major issue to me. Would you be worried about it having 550 hours? I know some people mentioned that a 2016 model with higher hours will be tough to resell down the road
  4. Looking at a 2016 RI237 near me and had a few questions. Upgrading from a 22ft direct drive tige. Ive read about the prop shaft angle difference from the 17’s and the standard deep v hill compared to the opti v offered in newer models. We surf and hang out in coves mostly, no skiing and hardly any wakeboarding. Considering the direct drive I’m coming from, I’m sure the 2016 even with the original hull will have a killer wave. Do the differences in the 2016 model make it a no go? The boat has 500 hours and the owner is asking $85k. Thanks for any help

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