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  1. I did more research and found a aftermarket version of the usb dongle for map data. I had already purchased the $500 version from Centurion but thought I would share this option. This is the link, https://www.enovationmaps.com/collections/americas/products/us-canada
  2. Just purchased a 2020 Vi24 and looking to see if anyone knows an aftermarket GPS chip to get ours functioning. Centurion wants $350 for the device, just wondering if there is another option out there. Thanks!
  3. Is this the part you need to get your gps to work? I just got a Vi24 that didn’t come from the factory with GPS feature. The dealer said I just need to purchase the device to plug into the wiring and the gps will work on my screen.
  4. GPS Upgrade

    Yes, I had the warranty transferred. The boat didn’t come with the GPS from the factory. The dealer said we could add it by purchasing the “chip” device that plugs in to give gps feature on the display. The factory chip might be the only options. I thought I would check the group to see if there is a aftermarket one available before buying the factory one. Thanks

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