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  1. Hey there crew I’m new to this site, first and foremost I’m glad there is a platform strictly for centurion boat owners. Hopefully can find someone with expertise on my question. So we just bought an 07 Enzo 240z. Both starboard and port ballast fill switches seem to work. My prob is that if I select starboard side fill it seems to work fine. Then I switch it off and flip port side switch… now I’m getting water on port AND starboard side? Not quite sure where to begin looking. If I was a betting man it’s gotta be some valve or switch that’s not closing. Where would I start looking? I have traced water line from the water puppy up to top side of engine compartment where it looks like there is a couple valves or secondary pumps . Maybe one is bad🤷🏻‍♂️ Any thoughts?? Thank you in advance to anyone whom may have some light to shine on this for me

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