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  1. This sounds like an issue to me. The light should come on up until 700-900 RPMs. If it's not coming on at all, you need to probably change the vdrive oil pressure sending unit sensor.
  2. This with some lead. No need for bow weight or anything else. Depending on the side you want to surf, only fill that side bag and add some lead until it's listed. https://www.wakemakers.com/collections/factory-wakeboard-ballast-upgrades/products/centurion-falcon-v-08-09-tankbuster-rear-upgrade?_pos=1&_fid=737a00a49&_ss=c
  3. I’d go PSS. It can be replaced without removing the engine. It’s much easier with the vDrive and trans removed, but not necessary. Probably a two hour job if you get on it. There are 4 bolts that connect the prop shaft to the Vdrive output shaft. Remove those, slide the shaft to the rear (be careful not to push prop into the rudder). Remove the shaft nut and either use a puller or use a socket as a press to remove the coupler. This may come off with some force, as my last one did. Don’t lose the key way when it comes apart. Remove old shaft seal and replace with new one, per manufacturer’s instructions. Reassemble prop shaft and vdrive.

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