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  1. 2022/3 FI23 MSRP?

    Super shady.... located in St. George Utah. I am talking to a dealer in Vegas now.
  2. 2022/3 FI23 MSRP?

    Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed with this centurion dealer. They are very responsive, and are very friendly and helpful, but they are doing some shady tactics here. They say that the MSRP of a base/stripped/zero option 2022 FI23 before any prep, freight, or any of that, is 181k. The 2023, is 189k. I called Centurion directly and they said that the MSRP of a stripped/base 2022 Fi23, before prep and freight is 129k and that not even the dealerships have received MSRP numbers for the 2023 yet, which is certain to be 10ish% higher. How disappointing.
  3. Hey all! First time poster here. I have been researching wake boats since last summer, and we will be ready to buy our first boat soon, probably just AFTER this summer, unfortunately. After doing almost a year of research, all the pros and cons and prices I can find between all the makes and models, the best boat for me and my family we have decided is the FI23. My plan is to get a build slot for a 2023. But I have a quick question. Do any of you know what the actual MSRP is for a stripped, zero option Fi23 for 2022 or 2023? There are a lot of "included" features for the boat that doesn't seem to affect price at all, but lots of add-ons that do. Like going from the 400 to the 450, 18ich wheels on the trailer, ramfill, etc. I ask because my boat dealer is telling me that the MSRP of a stripped/zero option Fi23 is 190k, and that doesn't sound right. Thanks all!

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