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  1. My tower speaker wire is not the middle hole? I tried to upload a photo, but I am sure you know what I have.
  2. We just purchased a 2008 Avalanche C4 and the wife wants tower speakers…and so do I. We have 5 kids and I already have a hard time hearing and don’t want the kids to go deaf. We are considering the 8” Rev for the tower, but then I started thinking about the 6.5”. I don’t need to hear sound while wakeboarding or 300 yards down the river. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Already purchased 4 of the wet sounds 6.5” for interior of the boat and was planning on upgrading the head unit as it’s the original. Thanks, Bryan
  3. Thanks Wylie, do you know if I need the X-mount kit or can I use a swivel for the Evolution tower?
  4. Sorry for the repeats, I was using my phone and it kept timing out saying it couldn't connect to server.

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