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  1. Hi, Has anyone installed mechanical stereo volume controls? Looking for dedicated buttons or rotating knob as I find the touch screen only volume controls less than ideal. Boat: 2021 Centurion VI22 Stereo: Centurion CHAMP Audio Package w/1 pair BLACK Pro Rev10 Wet Sounds Tower Spkrs, Integrated ICE Stereo, AM/FM USB On-Screen Controls, 8" BLACK Interior Spkrs and 12" Sub Thanks!
  2. 2021 Vi 22 with 110 hrs. 1st overheating & blown impeller at 30 hrs, 2nd this wknd at 110 hrs. 8 people, pulling a surfer, beeping, warnings, engine shuts down. Dead in the water, bilge pumping out coolant, boat drifting towards a private dock & shallow shore. Thankfully able to throw the anchor & prevent crashing into anything. Call & wait for a tow. 2 hour tow & back to our drop, $800 lighter. Engine able to run long enough to get the boat on the trailer. Would have been worse if lake was busy or if it was dark. Experience was not great but sh** happens. Call local Austin Centurion SkiDock dealer, describe the situation, was told they "could fit me in late December". My Centurion experience goes from trying to be understanding to questioning why this six figure splurge feels disappointing. Dropped the boat off at a local marine shop today which does not do warranty work. Understandably $150/hr to diagnose what is wrong. Should hear back later this week. They are on Lake Austin & mentioned that the water has been dirty & clogging cooling systems. This is my first inboard & recently learned that PCM guidance is to change impellers every 50 hrs. Had I known this, would have looked elsewhere first. When the boat works, it's fantastic, when it does not, it feels like a Lada.
  3. Video I took of the issue in case anyone else is seeing something similar: https://photos.app.goo.gl/dfXyZAmMBpQvHZxG9
  4. Hi, thanks for the suggestion. We checked the coolant level as soon as the fault hit & level was fine. There are two distinct problems: 1) why the fault is being fired I believe the fault is being fired erroneously as the coolant reservoir is full, but perhaps there is something else to check? 2) how to clear the fault once fired Nothing I do will clear the fault, the "ACKNOWLEDGE" & refresh looking spinner button on bottom of the screen are not working.
  5. Hi, Getting engine diagnostics code spn:111 fmi:1 & an annoying beep every ~120 secs. Hitting acknowledge does nothing nor does hitting the refresh looking button on the bottom right. Has anyone run into this? thanks!

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