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  1. Troy, thanks for your response and feedback. When you say "pushing your asymmetric centerplate"... your just saying drop it down, while surfing (on the goofy side anyway) - right? Is there any other benefit to the FAE? (isn't it healthier on the riders so they don't breath co2 or is that a myth?)
  2. New member here but longtime lurker. Bought a 2015 Enzo fs33 about 3 years ago it's been a great boat for our family and I love it. A few questions from you experts: 1. Per the image attached I don't have a water exhaust pipe... I've been reading about FAE's etc. Really I think I want to get something here cause it looks cool but more importantly the health of the people on the back of the boat and the rider from emmisions. I don't need the best but I want the "best practice" and best bang for buck to solve the issue. 2. The port side surf has always been far superior to the starboard side... I've tried it all, settings, weight, water etc. The port side can get huge and a beautiful curl the starboard side has less push and height and minimal curl. Could the FAE or exhaust system potentially help this? Any other suggestions to try? 3. A few if my toggle switches have busted in the dash. Any recommendations on where to buy new ones (dealer said they don't carry them for older boats and even if they did they would probably cost a fortune)..? Thanks everybody I'll be attentive to your comments or questions! Jason

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