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  1. 2006 Avalanche C4

    Hey Troy, what A-plate are you running?

    My 2005 Avalanche C4 was pulling hard to the right. After reading this thread, I pulled the grinder out and took the port side trailing edge of the rudder down about 3/4" at about a 30-degree angle. This solved the pull! I was so excited to take my hands off the wheel without that aggressive pull to the right. I'm honestly amazed that this worked. I really didn't take that much off. It took less than 5-minutes.
  3. 2005 Avalanche C4 Floor Plan

    @Chris O, how is it holding up? Are you happy with it?
  4. I have a 2005 Avalanche C4 and when looking for accessories, parts, etc. see a lot for 2006 models. Does anyone know if there is or what is the difference between 2005 and 2006? Any info is appreciated.
  5. Trim Tabs

    You can probably get this made by SendCutSend. They are a site that you send a cad to and they will machine whatever you like.
  6. I am considering Gator Step for my 2005 Avalanche C4. They only list a kit for 2006. Does anyone know if the floor plans are different? The template looks the same. Also, is there anything else I should consider? is there a brand that might be better?
  7. You don't need to remove the throttle body. I think you can get away without removing the spark arrestor too.
  8. My boat was running great and would start up cold with no effort, but I would occasionally have to give it some neutral throttle to start when warmed up. I read this and other threads and decided to change my IAC and IAC muffler. The muffler was black and solid where little air could go through, so I thought I had found the problem. Unfortunately, I still have the same situation where I have to give it some neutral throttle to start when warm. Regardless, I am glad I replaced these parts. The rotor, distributor cap, plugs, fuel filter, and cleaning fuel injectors are the next stop.
  9. 2005 Avy Surf Wake help

    Thank @jtryon and @Troy. R I got the FLY HIGH FATSAC 650 CENTER LOCKER / REAR SEAT BAG & SUPA TSUNAMI PUMP (650 LB) and it fits great.
  10. 2005 Avy Surf Wake help

    @Troy. R can you recommend dimensions or a link for the 580# under port side seat sack? I just picked up a 2005 Avy C4 and want to find a sack that fills that space.

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