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  1. 2011 Air Warrior?

    I guess the main question is what model boat is this with the "air Warrior tag". Here is the link to the boat and hull serial number if anyone can help. Thanks https://www.futrellmarine.com/boats-for-sale/2011-centurion-air-warrior-hot-springs-national-park-arkansas-8053240/ FNEP3455H011
  2. Looking at a 2011 22' Air Warrior. Looks to be pretty stock and clean. 150 hours. $45k. I know boat prices are crazy but the party barge with the 115 Yamaha is not pleasing the kids anymore. Thinking of getting this for a couple years and getting into a newer boat later on. My questions are mainly what if anything will need to be done for this boat to give a good surf wave? Anyone with this boat had any problems that I should look for when inspecting? Overall feedback for the boat? It is at a dealer so has been "gone through". Thanks for any and all feedback.

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