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  1. My turn, what boat to buy

    Basically, it depends upon your requirements if you want to fish then kayaks boats are best. Many anglers are opting to fish from a kayak rather than a boat. While boats allow anglers to cover more water, kayaks bring many advantages over boats. From the quiet solitude of fishing a creek inlet to having more cash in your wallet, kayak fishing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to get more time on the water. YakGear looks at some of the benefits of taking to a kayak in search of your perfect fishing spot.
  2. My turn, what boat to buy

    In terms of the boats, if you’re looking for kayaks. They throw an incredible wave on both sides and they’re designed to work with the easy switchback.
  3. My turn, what boat to buy

    It depends upon your investment but makes the right decision

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