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  1. Hi I thought I had the same problem with tower. I had to turn the key on to power it up and worked after that. Make sure both lock handles are all the way released to that turns on a circuit too. Hope this helps. My lake temp gauge is not working too shows 400 plus degrees I have a RI 230. 2022. Let me know if you had resolved temp issue. Thanks.
  2. I think your looking at the boat in Disco? I saw it last weekend and I think you'll really like it. IMO The RI 230 is leaps better than a NXT and a lot of other boats out there. You'll like the freeboard with a small child in the cabin. I too thought axis and Malibu was my dream boat and was turned off on there surf system even though it is proven to work. I ordered a RI230 myself and cant wait to get it. Good luck on your search. Really cant go wrong with all the top tier brands.

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