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  1. Hi Everyone- New to the site. We are looking to buy our first surf boat and I have narrowed down my search to the 2022 Supreme S220 and Tige Z3. The price is almost the same for both. Can anyone share feedback on how the waves from these 2 boats will be with stock ballast? My research tells me the S220 with 700lbs more ballast is going to make a difference but I would welcome any feedback from people who have been in the 2020-21 Z3 and S211 or S238. Thanks
  2. The Z3 is 23.5 feet long. After the water tests we decided that the right boat for us is in that 22 ft range and the 2022 S220 seems to be the right size for us and it has 700lbs more ballast than the 2022 Z3 stock. My hope is the new Supreme Quick Surf presets will make for a dummy proof set up to go surfing while we learn how to fine tune the wave.
  3. I water tested both the 2022 Tige Z3 and the 2020 Supreme ZS232 today...there was no 2022 Supreme. We were really shocked at the difference in wave size and shape. I told both boats to set it up so they could start out at a small wave for a beginner/kid, take it to a 50 % capacity wave and then take it to 100%. Both boats played around with speed between 11- 11.2.The Supreme wave had a much better shape, curl and cleanness to it than the Tige. The Supreme dealer said the S220 will have a similar shape to it but not as large as the ZS232 due to the S220 being a smaller boat. Truth be told I was hoping the Tige wave was going to be close, as I do like the interior fit/finish and control screen of the Tige better than the Supreme but the wave difference of the Supreme has me thinking the S220 is the way to go. Thank you for all of your input and comments...they were much appreciated.
  4. About $3k less for the S220
  5. Thanks for the info Troy. I am water testing the 2022 Tige Z3 and a 2020 Supreme ZS232 next week. I am told the Z3 for 2022 is a new hull. I will be very interested to see what kind of a wave it produces with stock ballast. The Supreme S220 has 700lbs more ballast than the Z3 so I suspect the wave will be larger. The screen in the Z3 is much nicer than the Supreme. Can you provide some advice on how easy the Supreme surf system is to use? This will be our first boat and I don't want to be having to mess around tuning things to get a basic wave. Any thoughts?

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