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  1. Absolutly agree, of course always taking the possibility of forgetting it but I always shut down the master after docking or pulling out. I too will be looking into moving a switch wire to the block
  2. Iam planning to use that mount for supporting partially a ski boom to help teach our daughter and friends how to ski on boards and ?? feet, butt, table---lol The Octo base has a very solid thick mount that is hollow ,and a simple mount can be put in the middle of that area on the out side of boat area of it, put a 1 1/2" ss 14 Ga. tube 10' with a single pin with a 1/8 ss cable down near the 9' area outer end plus with eyelet for a climbers D-Ring and threaded eyelet in that mount above on the towers ,,, run another forward to the boats bow eye with an ample noodle for protection of hull,. I have sent in the idea to Lane 'Dawg' Bowers and Barefoot ... considering the Octo Tower has no mounts designed for it,, other than putting a pole/ Boom across the entire boat then out for the student person to learn. . There is no mount or plan with them other than drilling 8 holes in the gunnel--on the 2018 S238 --nnooppe - not gonna happen,, 4 holes on the out side of the Octo base and if mount ever removed--4 rubber plugs for 5/16 holes ...... They will have to be looking for it to find it situation.
  3. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    Iam not to king on milling a big ol circle out either. I'll have to look into that Opti-V/EZ Tapered-V, I know parts departments some times will say no that a thing wont fit, it is a 1/4" hole and needs to be a 5/16" and plenty of room for a 3/4" hole to be placed if i wanted but it does take getting to know experience and not some new person with just numbers ability, Iam pretty new to wake boats but not to a shop with machines I'll do some checking, Thanks Troy. R
  4. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    Been a few years ,,,,, , Looking into FAE, total online ordering now, put in a information request this evening with them at the bottom of their page od inquiry. I priced it out all polished and edges cleaned up and dismount/mount kit included $650.00 Will be going on newly aquired 2018 Supreme S238 -L96
  5. ***SOLD ***1972 Sidewinder 16 OB


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    Unable to delete ::: SOLD Selling the Sidewinder ?HID -197232 made in Anderson Ca.1972 Sidewinder 16' outboard w/Evinrude 85 - w/Trailer of course$2,000 ,,,, Deliver for extra. Located in Siletz Oregon.



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