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  1. New FI23 or used RI237

    Nice yea.. last two years were the first ones with no boat since college prob 20 yrs ago. got injured had two surgeries and sold the boat, so just getting back at it now.. am leaning Ri237 over Fi. Really though, am watching vids of the 245 and 265, and can't believe the surf.. have gone out on the 237, and friend owns fs44. but now, I found a 257 with the price in range anyone got input on 237 vs 257, just for surf ? both are 2019's. the 257 is at around the same price, hours, condition, as 237. I was thinking 26' ft is too big, and would want a 23. but if the surf is really that much bigger / better, idk why not I read anything from it is only 10% better, to it is a world of difference. Most notably the surf competitions, are behind the 237, but I hear Centurion owns / started the surf tour competition, so could just be marketing.
  2. New FI23 or used RI237

    thx. yea i had sights set on FS33 then fs44, then figured might as well go Ri. got a friend with a 44. by 'several months in' i meant on the buying process this go round. this would be third boat. last one was MB but am stoked on the Cent's.
  3. New FI23 or used RI237

    looks like a good debate. what got decided here, and anyone got an opinion 2.5 yrs later ?? read a ton of threads here. first post. stuck on whether to go 2019 Fi23 or 2018 Ri237. (didn't see new post, in what came up) mostly care about surf, then wakeboarding, then other boating. several months in, and didn't think at first the Fi was a contender.

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