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  1. Hey everyone, I have a new to me 2012 Supreme v226, and I’m also a new boat owner (major noob here). This is the first weekend in the water and I have a few problems. 1. I have an intermittent “service required” message that comes up sometimes on start up, and once while cursing at higher speed. Usually just turns off once I turn off the boat and turn it back on. Boat runs well, oil level and pressure good. (Note it’s the 6.0L Indmar if that matters). 2. Auto bilge. It only works when the boat is on. If the boat key is out it will not kick on. Is there a switch to have both batteries on or something like that? 3. Related number 2: I have a fair amount of water in the engine compartment in the morning that takes 5 mins or so to pump out. If I left the boat in the water for a few days, with out turning it on to let the bilge pump out, it would be a disaster. Other than the drain plug any spots hoses etc I could check. Thanks for the help! Kristopher

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