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  1. Ran like is should. We didn't set up for surfing but I did partially fill the Sumo 1000s just to make sure they're positioned correctly. Thanks for the help/thoughts Mrwick & Jloagos!!
  2. My wife suggested disconnecting the batteries to see if it resets something. I left the batteries disconnected for about an hour. Started up w/o an alarm! We're heading to the lake/river after I get everything buttoned up. Another question: I know the house battery is still connected to the bilge pump so it works even when the battery switch is off. But when I reconnect the house battery I get a significant spark even though the bilge pump isn't on. Anyone have any ideas what would take a significant amount of current even when the battery switch is off? The start battery doesn't spark at all.
  3. Well, the saga isn't over yet. I hooked up a hose to the Groco (I use a 50 gal tupperware container as a reservoir so I'm not pushing water into the motor) to run it for several minutes. Now I'm getting a "service engine soon" + audible alarm. I heard that some "tuning" needs to be done w/a new crank position sensor but not everyone mentions the tuning w/the replacement. The closest Supreme dealer (>1 hr away) has a 10-12 week back log! There's a PCM certified dealer closer. Maybe it's time to pull the boat over there and try to talk them into a quick diagnostic.
  4. It turns out it was the crankshaft position sensor. I haven't attached a hose to the Groco yet to run it for a while but it fired right up. FYI for anyone that has a similar issue: I checked the voltage at the crankshaft position sensor connector first like Mrwick suggested and it was only getting 11.8V. I cleaned up the main ground (again a Mrwick suggestion -- thanks!). I was looking for a voltage drop but couldn't find it. The fuses and the fuel pump relay were all getting 12.3V (I hadn't charged the batteries for a while and lots of trying to start it) but the ignition relay was also only getting 11.8V. I installed the crankshaft position sensor anyway and it worked. I guess there is a voltage drop in the ignition system somewhere but it may be by design. 2.5 weeks w/o the boat and wouldn't you know it -- rain forecasted all week long. Hopefully the "scattered showers" are really scattered.
  5. Thank you both for the replies. Mrwick -- I'm with you on chasing grounds on boats. Our first boat was much older and had electrical issues all the time. I'll follow your suggestions. I checked for power to the coil and my LED test light didn't light up at all. I just got a new crankshaft position sensor today that I'll check the voltage at before I install it. Question about your Rinda: Where do you hook it up? I'm very interested in getting a marine scan tool. Like I mentioned in my original post -- I'm not sure which version of MEFI I have or where to hook it up. Jlagos -- I appreciate the thought. When I pulled the kill switch lanyard the engine won't even turn over. In fact the LCD portion of the gauges won't even show anything. No system check followed by the beep. Nothing. I'll check the wiring on the switch -- if it's a double pole switch maybe only one pole is working allowing the engine to turn over but not start?
  6. I've been lurking here for a while and decided to hopefully get some help troubleshooting my no spark situation. I think posting a few questions here would be better than posting several new posts since I'm new. 2016 S226 w/a 5.7L Crusader (EX3?). We're the third owner. I've learned a lot about setting up the wake from this forum -- thanks! A lot of great info here. 1. Crank but no spark. Was pulling my grandson on the kneeboard, cruise control set at 15 mph. Heard something that sounded like a knock, the engine sputtered a brief time, and then died. The dip stick was up about 3/4" so I'm thinking the knock was a backfire? Have fuel pressure at the fuel rails -- fuel pump primes as it should. While cranking the engine sounds normal. Pulled #8 spark plug and felt it try to build compression. Cranks but no spark. I swapped the ignition relay and the fuel pump relay -- both work fine. Fortunately we weren't too far from the dock and someone helped us w/a tow of shame. I've replaced the Ignition Control Module and the cam position sensor and still no spark. While I was in there I also replaced the distributor cap and rotor. The coil isn't getting anything (checked w/an LED tester). Ignition switch checks out OK. I'm thinking crank position sensor next? Anyone ever experience something similar? 2. Anyone have any idea what version of MEFI the 2016 5.7 Crusader motor has? And where it plugs in to check for codes? The dealer that the boat was originally purchased has a 10-12 week backlog plus they aren't a Centurion/Supreme dealer anymore. Maybe it's time to purchase a code reader. 3. Are there multiple fuse blocks and/or circuit breakers for the ignition system? I checked all the fuses that mount near the rear of the motor (above the transmission). There were several fuses under the "glove box" but most of them were for the stereo. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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