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  1. Budget Ballast System

    Forum deleted them. Any chance you have photos of your build?
  2. Budget Ballast System

    Man, I love this idea. Question here, you had your main water inlet hose to that distribution center, you ran switches to every one of the brass “always on” fittings, when you wired them in did you also run a positive tO your impeller pump / pumps? So it also turned that on? I have 2 1100s in the rear, and a 350 bow bag. I hate having to manually turn valves and drain some bags yadda yadda. I love this idea. I think I’m going to hop on this train, I have two jabsco pumps now. But wanting to run a distribution off those pumps so I can do it all with the flip of a switch.
  3. 2005 Elite V C4 Air Warrior

    Do you want to sell your current Bimini?
  4. Right now I just have a cooler stashed behind my drivers seat. But I’m thinking about building a bench style seat that goes behind the drivers seat. Anyone do something in that area?
  5. Nevermind! I read through again, long night early morning. Got it all figure now. Thanks!
  6. Is this for the elite ? I have an 02 I’m trying to build a stationary tab for. Just want something to help a little until I can get a hinge on it this winter with an actuator

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