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  1. Update: I reached out to Tyler at Boardco in Utah and spoke with him regarding this. He indicated that he's looked into this many, many times at the bequest of customers. Unfortunately, the fiberglass pedestal is not the same between pre-2020 RI257's and 2020+ boats. He said it's possible but will require a lot of fiberglass work. Rough estimate from him was around $2K. It's not worth $2K to me so I'll be forgetting about this upgrade, lol
  2. I've been a Nautique owner for the past 15 years and I decided to give Centurion a try. As such, I just bought a used 2017 RI257. I love the boat so far, as does the wife, however, it would be great to add the top side hatch to the pedestal behind the driver seat that the 2020+ RI's have. Has anyone done this to their pre-20 RI? Or at least, does anyone know if the pedestal is the same between a pre-20 and 20+ RI257? P.S. I live in the Reno/Tahoe area and would love to connect with some other Centurion owners... -Bill

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