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  1. 2004 avalanche questions

    Thanks for the feedback. I don't know a lot about boats or if this is a walkthrough vs C4. What's the advantage/disadvantage between a walkthrough and a C4? Ill do some research.
  2. 2004 avalanche questions

    Thanks so much I really appreciate it. I think its just oxidation, saw very few scratches and no dings, it will prob buff out.. There were small cracks in the fiberglass around some snaps by the passenger front window. Ill look further into engine and trans maintenance. In the past it seemed to run good and I think has been well maintained mechanically. I only looked at it today, needs to be de winterized and fired up next.
  3. I am looking at buying a 2004 Centurion avalanche from a friend. It has 1110hrs. Interior is pretty rough with some rips and paint is faded. It also has very stiff steering. Asking price is 23,500. I think that's a bit high based on other similar boats. I'm curious what other things I should check before buying and what a fair price would be for poor condition?

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