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  1. I saw this on Ball of Spray which sounds like the best option so far to drain the coolant. Disconnect the expansion tank entrance hose and put it on a bucket, then with the boat running at around 2000 rpms fill the expansion tank with a different color coolant, when I see the new color coolant entering the bucked I stop the process.
  2. FYI, I did finally get confirmation that the big non standard hex nut circled in the above picture is the block drain plug for my 2015 ZR 409 6.0.
  3. What length steering cable do I need to buy for a 2015 Carbon Pro? I went under the dash and looked for the markings on the cable indicating the length but was unable to find it. This https://marinepartssource.com/dometic-seastar-back-mount-rack-and-pinion-steering-kit-select-length is the cable I'm looking at buying unless there is something better.
  4. Thanks @Troy. R Mine is a 2015 but page 68 https://pcmengines.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/L510010-15_3year.pdf shows the same diagram of how to connect a heater (mine has no heater connected) which does use the coolant from the block. I will look for these points to drain the block. Thanks again!
  5. Picture of the side of my block. The two red dots are the two bolts I pulled with no luck, the circled area is a large hex nut that I did not open up. I can't see anything else that would drain the block.
  6. I have the correct 2015 PCM owners manual and have browsed older and newer versions...
  7. I went to change the coolant in my 2015 Carbon Pro with the 6.0 ZR 409. It has the partial full system with coolant in the block, uses lake water to cool the exhaust manifolds. To drain the coolant you pull the heat exchanger plug, the large hose from the water circulating pump, and the two plus from the cylinder block. For the life of me I can't find the block plugs. I pulled the bolt that holds the knock sensor thinking that was it but nothing, then pulled a second bold on the block that looked like a possible drain plug but nothing came out. In my 2015 owners manual there is no diagram or mention of the block drain plugs for the ZR 409. Does anyone have a picture or diagram that shows where they are? Thanks!
  8. My engine does have catalytic converters. I assume they are located inside the exhaust manifolds? I do think my problem is the exhaust manifolds/catalytic converters are getting clogged with the flaking debris. For whatever reason several of us that use our boats a lot exclusively at our lake are having the same issue. Our lake has around 1,000 ppm of dissolved solids in addition we have a lot of very fine sediment. I plan to drain the exhaust manifolds more often and will see if I can run some fresh water through the system from time to time, hopefully this works.
  9. My 2015 ZR409 exhaust manifolds are overheating then my boat goes into some kind of limp mode. My ZR409 has coolant in the engine block and fresh water in the manifolds with a heat exchanger in the rear. No engine light is coming on and the water temp is reading normal. What I think is happening is the exhaust manifolds are getting clogged up? When I pull the plugs on the manifolds I get a lot of debris coming out with the water that looks like silt or hard water that has been baked onto the inside of the manifold then has flaked off. This is the second time this has happened, the first time was only about 20 hours prior. Do you think I'm correct in assuming that the overheating is due to the manifolds getting clogged? If so is there anything I can do beside pulling the four plugs and removing the debris? Could my issue be something completely different and if so what can I check?
  10. What is the oil capacity on a 2015 PCM ZR409? It is hard to good a good reading on my dipstick.I use DEXOS GEN 2 5W-30 (Mobile 1) since that is what is recommended in this 2019 PCM Service Advisory https://pcmengines.com/wp-content/up...e-Oil2.pd_.pdf
  11. Where can I get the specs to have a trailer built for my 2015 Carbon Pro? I bought it with no trailer and may sell it, the possible new owner wants a trailer. Does Centurion build their own trailers? If so would they build one for me?
  12. Quickdrain plugs

    Thanks for the post and the link, I may by those. When I do finally put the boat away from winter I would pull any of the quickdrain stuff completely out so that any debris would hopefully come out as well.
  13. Quickdrain plugs

    Thanks for the heads up on the blue plugs! I'm looking for something to make draining the water quick and easy for early spring and late fall when we get freezing temperatures and I'm still using my boat.
  14. I assume I can use this https://www.nautiqueparts.com/product/cooling-system-drain-plug type of quick drain plug for the smaller of the two plugs on my exhaust manifolds on a PCM 6.0 ZR409? Where can I find a quick drain plug to use for the other exhaust manifold plugs that are bigger?

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