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  1. I think I accidentally deleted the post... I will post again if I buy it tomorrow after the water test.
  2. I am curious all of the surfing suggestions for this boat none of them state using a suck gate, why is that? Also as my kiddo grow up I would like them to be able to try all the watersports so not opposed to this boat. I don't see my self being a pro wakesurfer anytime soon, just looking to go out and have fun with the family. I assume I will be able to achieve a surfable wave for myself being a bigger guy?
  3. Yes, it is. The guys there have been really cool.
  4. Hi guys/gals, okay so here it is let me know what you think. You don’t need to hold back I can handle it. I found a 2009 Enzo SV220..just under 200 hours, all maintenance records from the marina, interior is 9/10, exterior 7/10 since it does sit at a slip for 3 months of the year. The person used it about 5 times a summer. The only thing that is currently not working is the tac on the multi gauge. Runs flawlessly. Was asking $45,000 (Covid price in my mind) He settled on.....wait for it....... 35,000! Now do you think I am winning or just a sucker?

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