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  1. Hey everyone, new to this forum and new to owning a Centurion, actually, new to any V-drive. My last boat was a Bayliner and maintenance was much more straightforward. My boat is a 2014 Enzo SV230 for additional context. So I've been having a weird draining issue lately. I always pull my drain plug after each outing, after I park and put the snap in covers on, then throw it back in just before launching. Well, the last couple times out, like always, I had the plug out until just before launching, but as I backed down the launch and the decline got steep enough, the bilge kicked on and dumped water, TONs of water. The bilge probably pumped water for close to 4-5 minutes. I had assumed the tank where water is stored for the bilge to pump would also connect to the same tank that drains from the drain plug being pulled, so this seems super weird. Also, I have noticed tons of water in the battery compartment, even up to an inch of standing water at times, when there is no water anywhere else in the boat and I haven't taken any waves over the bow. This standing water has actually caused enough moisture to kick the amp into protection mode, killing the tunes on the boat. I am planning on winterizing and putting her away for the winter soon but I don't want to button her up with the possibility of tanks full of water somewhere. Anyone else had this issue or heard of this? Would love any insights. Thanks!

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