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  1. Thanks Tim, I appreciate your input! Day off tomorrow and rain in the forecast so I'll get out there and do another tranny fluid change. Saturday I'll be taking a couple of wrenches with me to the boat launch and see if I just needed to tighten the nut or if it's time for new packing.
  2. New to the group...on the FB page but thought I might find a few veteran owners around here whose brains I can pick 😁 Picked up this '91 Falcon at the beginning of July. Have enjoyed it immensely this summer. Time to think about maintenance! Discovered water in ATF and dipstick cap was just sitting loose. Combined with a stuffing box allowing MANY drips per second even in neutral (spraying water around engine compartment when running!) I figure that's where the water got in and hoping it isn't the tranny cooler, although it seems like a simple job to replace it if it's pooched. Can anyone confirm if the rudder uses the same or similar packing as the stuffing box? I've heard it does so if that's true I thought I'd do both at the same time. Cheers!

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