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  1. What’s your opinion about the 2 towers? wich one you prefer ? pros and cons on both? like the style of both, is the bimini the same? May prefer the speakers on the Maximus but maybe The 2zone speakers can be put on the dropzone too? anybody ever put the Triton strapless board rack by Roswell? thanks a lot !
  2. Hi Centurion addict ! im currently in the market for a 2021 centurion. Just sold my 2017 Nautique 210 and need another boat for next season, 21-22 length. Always been a Nautique Fan but this year I really think of changing for a Centurion. price tag on nautique is just crazy since a couple of years.. and the surfwave isn’t enough for me at that price. just wanted some advice on those 2 models! What you prefer what’s the biggest difference. pros and cons on both Fi21 doesnt seems to have any rear facing seats? thanks a lot guys.

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