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  1. Here is the fix for the beeping problem: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1882458648689246/permalink/2969071773361256 Well worth the time and effort to eliminate that terrible beeping
  2. Update on my Ri257 with the annoying beeping going on, now that we are back on the water with it. The guys above figured it out and I can confirm that it is 100% related to the wired remotes. Be it from cable routing or whatever...if I unplug wired remote 1 (helm) the beeping is 95% gone, enough that it won't drive me nuts anymore. The remaining 5% must be from wired remote 2 (transom). I am skeptical that a new cable would have different shielding inside of it. Now to figure out what to do...order a new cable and wrap it or cut the existing one out and wrap/reinstall, or add chokes, etc.... At least I know I can kill it
  3. I rode on boats with both before buying the boat with the drop zone, my boat was used and it added to the cost, but I figure it will add to resale also eventually since it is the hot-new-new. Interestingly, the sales guy preferred the Maximus for its looks, but he said the drop zone was 'growing on him'. I preferred the drop zone immediately for its more chunky angular appearance. I think it matches my Ri better. I heard both speakers systems at surf volume, I don't know- it was all the same to me. I would say that if I were building the boat with my hands I would not choose to position the sub under/as the driver's footrest though, thas my main gripe. Regarding the bimini, I heard from others and read here that Centurions included bimini is a pain to setup, (does it really take 15 minutes???lol) my boat has the sewlong bimini. The whole family appreciates the generous shade it throws and setting it up is about 1 minute. So you may want to consider that as a worthwhile additional expense when you decide on the tower.
  4. I copied my dealer on this thread, and they said that Clarion had warrantied the 'head unit' (their words) to fix the beeping problem. Not sure of that is that actual head unit or the black box, etc. Regardless, my dealers seemed to know about it and how to handle it. Boat is a 2020, the mfg date on the clarion black box was 03/17. That is some old stock sitting around. I hope this fixes it, otherwise, we will be working in rerouting and wrapping wires.
  5. Just wrapped up a policy with Ski safe 2 weeks ago, beat 'my' insurance agent quote by 40% If you can try to get ahold of someone there on the phone after you submit your policy, they called me back to verify something and we ended up changing coverage around a little. I got an even better policy with some value lock in clause for even less money.
  6. My boat did not come equipped with CATS - Assuming it can not be retrofitted- also knowing it is not essential. So is there any way to access the surf tabs at wakeboard speeds? Once the quick launch has been 'achieved' and the tabs retracted...I found myself wishing to see if I could use them to make fine adjustments to balance the wave, instead of playing with pnp ballast or passengers. I also imagine it could create a cleaner smallish wake that was smaller for the tiny riders trying to find something in between 17.5mph needed to keep the tabs down and the wake lip clean vs 21.5+ where the wake is cleaned up but could maybe use just some very fine-tuning one side compared to the next. Or another way to think of it would be to expand the quick launch maximum speed. Just kind of sucks to think these lenco actuators are used in either stowed or deployed when not purely surfing.
  7. just put 2 tanks of fuel through a 'new to us' 20 Ri257. I can't believe how fuel-efficient it is. Coming from using a 20LSV- that thing was chugging fuel.
  8. Going to try the ROKK wireless-Active. waterproof wireless charging already set up for 12V direct.
  9. First weekend with my 20' Ri257 the beeping was driving me absolutely insane. It also exists on all sources and is not dependant on the motor to be running.

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